We specialize in major event travel and traveling book clubs.

Want to go to the Winter Olympics but don't even know where to start? How about the Kentucky Derby? Super Bowl? World Expo? We've got you covered. When that bucket list trip has to be just right, we have the experience and the contacts to get you to the most sought after events in style and within your budget. You will never miss out again.

Are you a book blogger or a book club host that would like to offer a book-themed trip? Tell us about the book and experience you want and we'll create a custom trip for your group. If you bring enough travelers (depending on the trip this is usually between 15 and 25) and you will travel with your group for free. Check out our blog, "Wandering Readers", in the menu above for ideas for a book-themed trip for your group.

Go ahead and poke around, discover what you want to attend and then contact us. We'll do the rest. Just curious? Ask us for a quote. There is never any obligation.

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